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June 01, 2017

Welcome to the new you! In my blog we will help create healthy lifestyles for all age’s and fitness levels. We are going to cover everything from nutrition, to the benefits of stretching, to power training. We won’t overload you with information, but we will give you food for thought that you can apply daily. Make sure to click the link on our website to check out our YouTube channel for fitness moves and tips to help you get started and stay motivated. Also, join the revolution by using the links on our website and liking us on Facebook and following us on Instagram and Twitter. Remember to always start where you are. Ready? Let’s start your journey to a healthier lifestyle!

Meet one of the best trainers in L.A. 

July 01,2017

VOYAGE L.A. MAGAZINE sits down with our very own, "Shaun Leverett" to get an intimate look at why he's considered one the top trainers in Los Angeles.  CLICK THE LINK BELOW TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE:


Where's the beef...or chicken...or whatever? 

July 11, 2017

I am not a registered dietician! I do not do vegan, gluten free, half fat, low calorie, sugar free or diet anything! So, if your reading this and fall into one of the aforementioned categories, this article is probably not for you! I am an advocate for enjoying what you consume…within reason! I am my fathers child and I enjoy meat! In fact I’m researching how to make my own jerk seasoning to use on something that had parents this weekend. With all that being said I am still and always will be a student of my trade. I do my food and nutrition research daily. Not just for my personal knowledge but to help those struggling with all the myths out there. I don’t believe in investing money in things that do not work and I don’t enjoy. So here’s to those of us carnivores who may wonder if there is such a thing as “eating too much meat”! I researched this article on WebMD.com and found it to fall in line with what I believe to be a pretty good gauge for protein consumption. Enjoy!



Smooth it out!

July 27,  2017

Most people will not eat a kale, cucumber and broccoli salad. But, if you blend those heart healthy greens with berries, mangos and bananas in glass? Well, now it's a party! All kidding aside, my youngest son will drink his vegetables daily if allowed. For me it's an opportunity to be creative. There is almost no wrong way to make a smoothie. So I've found some great smoothie recipes on line and decided to share them with you. These recipes are a terrific way to help you meet your daily recommended fruit and produce servings. Please do not think of these as a meal replacement. Although they will help you to feel more full.



Cucumber Melon Smoothie

1/4 cup soy milk

1 cup red or green grapes

1 1/2 cups cantaloupe chunks

1/2 cup cucumber, peeled and chopped

1 cup honeydew chunks

1 small lime, peeled and halved

1 cup ice cubes

Place all ingredients into blender in the order listed and secure lid. Blend for 1 minute or until desired consistency is reached.

Makes: 5 cups

Serving size: 1 cup

Nutrition info (per serving)

Calories: 70

Total Fat: 0 g

Saturated Fat: 0 g

Cholesterol: 0 mg

Sodium: 30 mg

Carbohydrate: 18 g

Dietary Fiber: 2 g

Sugars: 15 g

Protein: 2 g

Emerald Smoothie

4 ounces low fat vanilla yogurt or vanilla soy milk

2 cups fresh, ripe pineapple, with core (or a 2-inch thick slice)

1 celery stalk, halved or about 1/3 cup chopped

2 cups spinach or kale, gently packed

2 cups ice cubes

Sweetener to taste if pineapple is a bit tart

Place all ingredients into blender in the order listed and secure lid. Turn machine on and slowly increase speed. Blend for 1 minute or until desired consistency is reached. Serve immediately.

Makes: 4 cups

Serving size: 1 cup

Nutrition info (per serving)

Calories: 70

Total Fat: 1 g

Saturated Fat: 0 g

Cholesterol: 2 mg

Sodium: 40 mg

Carbohydrate: 16 g

Dietary Fiber: 2 g

Sugars: 12 g

Protein: 2 g

Mango Smoothie

3/4 cup low fat vanilla yogurt

1/4 cup water

1 orange, peeled, halved

1 cup mango chunks, fresh or frozen

1/2 cup ice 

Place all ingredients into blender. Turn machine on and slowly increase speed. Blend for 30 seconds to 1 minute or until desired consistency is reached. Serve immediately.

Makes: 3 cups

Serving size: 1 cup

Nutrition info (per serving)

Calories: 110

Total Fat: 1 g

Saturated Fat: 0.5 g

Cholesterol: 5 mg

Sodium: 40 mg

Carbohydrate: 24 g

Dietary Fiber: 2 g

Sugars: 22 g

Protein: 4 g

Not for salad eaters!

Skinny Green Monster

1 small frozen ripe banana, peeled

2 cups baby spinach, kale, or Swiss chard

1 tbsp Peanut Butter

3/4 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk

1/2 cup plain fat-free Greek yogurt

Place all the ingredients into the blender, add ice (optional) and blend until smooth.

Makes: 1 serving

Serving Size: about 2 cups

Nutritional info (per serving)

Calories: 253

Fat: 4.0 g

Carbohydrate: 38 g

Fiber: 5.5 g

Protein: 17 g

Sugar: 18 g

Sodium: 236.7 mg

Banana-Walnut Smoothie

1 banana, medium, very ripe, frozen

1/2 cup yogurt, vanilla, low-fat

1/4 cup California walnuts, chopped

1-2 tablespoons honey

Place banana, yogurt, walnuts, and 1 tablespoon honey in a blender. Blend on low speed until ingredients start to mix together. Then increase to high speed and blend until smooth. For a sweeter shake, add another tablespoon of honey. Serve immediately. (Tip: To make a frozen banana, peel and cut the banana into chunks. Wrap in plastic and place in freezer several hours or overnight)

Makes: 2 servings

Nutrition info (per serving)

Calories: 267

Fat: 11 g

Saturated Fat: 2 g

Sodium: 42 mg

Carbohydrate: 41 g

Fiber: 2.5 g

Protein: 6 g


Tough enough to wear pink!

November 1,  2017

I would like to  say thank you to everyone that helped us celebrate "BREAST CANCER AWARENESS MONTH". We had an incredible time at the health fair for the FRANK D. LANTERNMAN children's organization here in Los Angeles. Along with my staff we were able to hold several health and fitness forums for about 250 employees. We also raffled off "Body Art by Shaun" tanks and tee's and gave away more than $1500.00 in fitness session packages. Finding a cure for cancer is not an option for those of us who have lost loved ones to this deadly disease. Both my mother and oldest brother died from bone cancer. We all should practice getting stronger every single day. While being in great shape does not prevent you from contracting any disease, it does put you in a better position to fight whatever life throws your way. With the new year upon us I encourage every single person to end it stronger than they started it. Don't wait for New Years resolutions to start what you know needs to be done today. Remember I am always with you on this journey to better health. Talk soon! 


Here we go again! 

January 1, 2018

It’s that Time of year again. The time when we decide to change our old habits or try something entirely new. We seem to be motivated every January 1st to quit smoking, eat better, exercise more, lose weight, etc. New Year’s resolutions tend to always start with best intentions but do not work! They are a part of the old urban legends that we are all familiar with. The Loch Ness monster, Bigfoot, Yeti(abominable snowman), spot reducing… We’ve heard of them but ultimately we know that these things do not exist in the real world. What’s popular right now is the 21 day challenge. These challenges consist of anything from weight lose/diet to push-ups to drinking 8 glasses of water everyday. The idea behind this is that if we do something in 3 week increments that it’s going to be successful for us. I’d like to take that challenge a step further and ask you to rethink your daily habits. Drink more water(whatever that means for you), if you’re physically capable take the steps as opposed to the elevator, stretch during commercials when your watching TV or maybe volunteer at your neighborhood after school program. Children have a way of keeping us active when we decide to get involved with them. Bottom line is to create an environment that keeps you consistently moving year round. No gimmicks…no props…no shortcuts! Try it out and let me know how it goes. Remember as always I’m with you daily!


We should learn to appreciate all forms of art! 

February 1, 2018

I miss training with my friends who specialize in different areas of health, fitness and rehabilitation. SPINNING, YOGA, CHIROPRACTIC THERAPY, THAI CHI, ZUMBA, etc. We are all a greater part of a whole so to speak. My area of expertise works best when incorporated with things that challenge and stretch me. I hate running on the treadmill, but i’ll do it to switch up my routine. My passion will always be Muay Thai kick boxing and any training involving “the art of the 8 limbs”. But because I love the outdoors I find myself training with the boxing equipment set up in my backyard because it reminds of the camps that I trained in overseas. This minor adjustment allows me the luxury of not staring at walls during my workout. Bottom line is to “KEEP IT MOVING”! Switching up your workouts in such a way that your body has to constantly adapt and grow is second to none in beating the plateau syndrome. Take a spinning class, go for a hike or create your own 30 day challenge. Remember we’re on this journey together. Keep me posted and let me know how it goes.


Big or small...I’ve learned to appreciate every victory! 

April 9, 2018

 If there is one thing that I have learned during my 51 years on this green rock,  it is to celebrate life daily. Most people are only in our lives for a season. 3 years ago I lost one of my best friends in my oldest brother. He died from bone cancer. While with the disease I would listen to him talk about all the things he wished he had said or did. The best I could do in that moment was to remind him that he was currently surrounded by people that love and appreciate him.   As always sickness and mourning allows us time to reflect on what is most important in our lives. For me, my family and loved ones are at the top of my list. I recently had the opportunity to celebrate in the victory of a Muay Thai fighter. I watched the joy on his face as he came out of the ring toward me. In that moment I was reminded that life is all about enjoying moments. We should embrace all the good things that come our way and learn to live in the moment. Breath deep, laugh loud, love hard and unconditionally and never take a day off from appreciating those you care about. Remember that i am with you in you journey. Talk soon!


We are stronger together!

August 14, 2019

 They are formed every single day! Most are formed under the radar, while others make breaking news when they happen. They are written on cocktail napkins and merged by multi-billion dollar companies via contracts and hand shakes. They are the basis for championship teams as well as lifelong marriages. Mine was formed on August 14, 1996 in Inglewood, CA? I remember being in the delivery room when my oldest son was born and how i wept upon his arrival. I had found in his birth what i had searched for my entire life. A partnership with someone that not only made me accountable, but made me want to be better than i ever could have been alone. While finding someone to share your fitness goals may not take on the same emotional bearing as a child being born, it can help you achieve a fitness level you could never reach on your own. Someone to push you safely past your strength and endurance limitations are always a good thing. Remember that the right partnership is sometimes necessary to make us better. By buying into and applying the philosophy that "WE ARE STRONGER TOGETHER ", takes the me, my and I out of your training session and places "WE" in the spot light. There is no worse feeling than letting your teammate down. Suddenly you have to complete your assignment or "WE" fail. So...who's your workout partner? Remember to always start where you are, not where you desire to be!